Wanna create a career on your terms?
I can teach you how to do it with ease and joy.

From your very first goal setting until you actually achieve it – you’ll get clarity, focus and an action plan you’ll love to execute.


Online Group Coaching Program designed to get you to take Massive Action for 6 Intense Weeks. Enroll now to claim your spot in the upcoming Intensive. (Danish Speaking Participants)

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3 months one on one online intensive. Achieve your career dream with massive support and amazing tools to make you fulfil your specific goal.

You are highly ambitious and 100 % committed to go all the way and make your dream come true in 2018. (English & Danish) Very limited spots available. Enroll now to claim yours.

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Intimate 60 min. Single Session for you who want to try me out or need instant support, quick how-to-land-the-job-strategies or a high energy pep talk. Because they actually did invite you to that job interview and you so wanna nail it. (English & Danish)

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My programs are based on my extensive experience as a career adviser, job consultant and business builder throughout the past 10 years. It’s everything I know.

No matter which program you choose, you’ll be packed with awesome tools to achieve your goals the fun and balanced way.

My programs truly honour how a lot of us need massive support to be successful on our own terms.

I promise you, you’re gonna have fun, be challenged and feel deeply supported – all the way.

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Tag så meget action at du må sige nej til jobs.

Om 30 sek. ved du hvordan du på en let og legende måde skaber de resultater du brænder for og lander det job du elsker. Du får:

- udførligt overblik over de steps du skal inkludere
- hvordan du integrerer jobsøgning i din hverdag
- struktur og fede vibes til at gøre processen sjov

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Erfarings & Behovsmatricen

Om 30 sek. får du et redskab, som på en let og legende måde giver dig overblik over hvilke erfaringer du skal fokusere på at få her og nu.

Brug matricen til at skabe et godt overblik over, hvilke steps du skal tage for at nå i mål.


XO Janett

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