And you’re a smart, well educated, creative, and open-hearted person, who is searching for an efficient way to land a job you love, so you can make a positive difference in the world.


I believe we all come into this world with unique gifts and talents that we must share with each other.

I am a strong advocate for evolving products and projects in organic and co-creational ways.

More than once you’ll hear me talk about exploring, experimenting, testing, playing, fun and party time.

Living a high energetic life means you do what you LOVE, you try things out and discover success as you go.

I love watching people grow. I get high from it.

I’m a freak combo of a multitude of personalities: Down to earth Dane, action driven Americana and talkative Southern European passionata.

I was the first academic in my family. Proudly completed an MA in international business communication & marketing. Worked my butt off to get there.

I live way out in the countryside with my long time husband and 3 kiddos. I love them all and they drive me insane.

Proud hippie chic with a millennial mindset. Purpose driven is my new black.

I love variation, techy gadgets and Youtube. I watch everything from teenage glam makeup tutorials to cutting edge TED talks and I follow a ton of tech nerds online. Wanna hang with me on Youtube?

I read ALL THE TIME. I have books lying around in every room of my house and I read them all.

I am deeply fascinated with the power of the word. Words create your thoughts and thoughts become your emotions. Emotions fuel your actions and actions create the results you have to live with – or without.

Be very conscious about every word you use. They are more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

    I love dancing and I am an official Zumba Instructor. My favorite Zumba gangsta is Pitbull. Gotta move every time I hear Fireball.

    I trained with the Danish Ballet Master Frank Schaufuss as a child. I drove my mum crazy insisting for a whole year that she enrol me in his class.

    He was an eminent teacher in the art of practicing strong inner discipline and high performance. The higher his demands, the more I loved his teachings.

    If life stops flowing – dance. If you’re low on energy – dance. If you’re sad – dance. If you’re stuck – dance. Just – dance.

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    XO Janett

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