We need your talent to bloom so you can make a positive change in the world.
I can help you get there with ease and joy.
What’s the story behind Love & Growth Academy?
I teach people how to use the intelligence of the heart (THE LOVE PART) to create a meaningful business – with all the well known business building skills within sales, marketing and so on (THE GROWTH PART).

Basically I want to inspire people to combine BEING with DOING, since this is the ultimate way to live a deeply fulfilling and creative life and serve everyone around you from your highest perspective.

Based on the above heartdriven principles, I offer workshops in video marketing, online video producing courses, coaching programmes, business building programmes and I’m currently planning a 2 and a half day event called: Playing Your Way To Success – Business Building for Ambitious and Heart Driven Entrepreneurs

I am currently gathering the team and plan to invite participants from all over Europe.
Also, I am starting a Love & Growth Lab Group to test various products out and invite people to come play, fail and test theirs out too.

What’s your education and what did you do before you created Love & Growth Academy?
I have a Masters Degree in International Business Communications and Intercultural Marketing from CBS, 2003. For the past 10 years I worked as a career counsellor and job advisor. Prior to that I worked with international marketing project management in tech companies in DK.
You can check out my official Linkedin resume here.
What was your motivation to create Love & Growth Academy? What vision did you have?
People crave a balanced life. Motherhood/Parenthood really forces you to get real with your choices and your current lifestyle.
I want people to break free of corporate careers and start their own businesses based on their hearts intelligence and a sense of higher purpose in the world.

Since it was impossible for me to work full time AND be an okay mom of 3 children at the same time, I felt it neccesary to create a business of my own, where I could balance being a mom with a career I love.

How did you know you could build this business? Did you actively search for what you were going to do?
I listened a lot to peoples dreams and desires and I began seeing the same patterns emerging again and again. So many people are on the lookout for tools to build the lives their hearts desire. To combine everything. Family Life, Work Life, Being of Service to your Fellow Man. Everything needs to come together in synergy, so we can live harmonious strong lives in ease and integrity. We are not built to cope with stress and disconnectedness. We are built to co-create and live in strong, caring communities of fewer people that we know well and connect with on an everyday basis.

Learning to rely on your intuition and the language of the heart can be very challenging. It’s a completely new language and not so much based on words, but rather on energy sensations and visions. And also it’s a language that is incredibly fast. So much faster that we often miss it and believe it’s subtle. It’s not subtle – it’s just so fast, that we have to quiet the monkey mind to get the messages right. The more I listen to this part of myself, the better decisions I make and the faster the optimal results manifest. It’s really highly effective for entrepreneurs when you learn this kinda language and use it on a frequent basis.

So I am walking my own talk and testing a concept that is indeed very new still.

Who are your typical customers?
Smart, creative people from all over the world who have invested in themselves through education and are still investing.

I see a lot of millennials, who are very determined to create fulfilling careers and businesses with a higher purpose.
I serve a lot of parents who want to navigate family life and work life with flow and synergy. They absolutely DO NOT want to burn out.
I work with brilliant out-of-the-box-thinking researchers in a variety of industries who all want to create state of the art e-learning programmes.
I work with brave, bighearted entrepreneurs with big visions to create step by step video communication to ensure their products reach their customers.

My customers work in everything from sales and marketing, coaching, counselling, healthcare, medico, to political institutions, IT-areas and I serve many researchers and PhD’s too.

Who or what triggered you to start?
It was a deep hunger in me to live in absolute FREEDOM. To create my life and my career/business on MY TERMS.
And to be able to balance my family life with a career that is meaningful and serves a higher purpose. I don’t plan to retire. EVER. I want my job to be so fulfilling, that I can keep working until I die.
Of course with less hours put in every day after I turn 80 😉
A balanced life is a life where the job itself is possible to do in max 25-30 hours a week. Less if you have small kids, more if you dont. Or if you choose to work longer hours, simply because it’s so much fun and you can see your products really help people.
Second trigger is that I want to travel abroad with my family during the winter season and be able to work from any location.
Final trigger is the fact that robots make our current jobs obsolete within a few years, so we need to start building new job types based on genius and creativity.
Do you think your personality traits are important?
I can say this for sure: You have to be willing to fail – a lot. To try out things that might not work. Launch products that do not sell. Reach out to people, who don’t give a f*** about you or your products. You have to be willing to stand naked and vulnerable. To be not liked, not seen. And still keep going.

That to me is the single most important trait. The rest you can learn. Be willing to be rejected and still have an inner sense of purpose that is so much stronger than opinion. And then be willing to change your mind and try again. Test, Experiment. Like a researcher.

I am a born optimist and I have very strong opinions on what the purpose of life is. Love, kindness, joy, ease and serving others are really important values to me. They are more important to me than being seen as a failure. I don’t care about failure. I care about not regretting my life. My life values guide me in everything I do. I just freaking love people and I am endlessly curious about their lives, skills, dream and desires.

Also I am convinced we all come with a uniquely genius talent. We all have to find and cultivate this talent and bring the inner gifts out and into the world. It’s all about expressing who we are. In tech, in business, in agriculture, in arts, in medicine, in politics, in caring.
All of us.

Do you think network, knowledge, and personality traits were equally important in building your business?
People go on these journeys in as many ways as there are people. In my case, I was born an adamant reader. I have always read a ton of books. So knowledge comes to me frequently and easily. I am also very much in love with languages, storytelling and communication, so starting up new friendships and meeting people is something I do automatically and every day. But also I have this extremely powerful hunger for freedom. And it‘s stronger than anything else.
Do you think the ability to combine different concepts or perspectives into one was important in creating your business?
Absolutely. The area I have chosen as my business building playground is very very complex. And all of my experience, businesswise and lifewise, is necessary to make it fly.
As I see it I defined this „opportunity“, not so much on a market analysis, but rather on my own current challenges and the challenges I observed all around me. It’s an inside thing. A need to change the world in to a better place. A sense of deep purpose, that I am willing to dedicate my whole life in to creating. To me, this is the ultimate fun, life purpose and satisfaction.
How can I get in touch with you? I consider working with you.
Just get in touch! I absolutely love talking to you about your business and career dreams. Or try a session with me to see if it feels right. Send me a couple of lines on: hey@janettlaumand.com

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