Is 1150,00 DKK/185 EUR/155 USD for a 60 min. single session. You can pay by Mobilepay before our session begins. If you prefer bank transfer please use the account no. on the billing mail you’ll receive prior to our session.

Meeting Place
All sessions are online and we use the Zoom Video Conference Call app. You can download it here.

Scheduled Time
I honour and respect your time and I know how busy you are. I want you to experience the full value of our short time together. Please install and test the Zoom App prior to our session, since tech issues happen at the most inconvenient of times.

Click on the preferred date in the calender on the right to book your first session.

september 2019

If you need to cancel or reschedule a session it’s absolutely no problemo. Just make sure you do it no later than 24 hrs prior to our scheduled session. This applies to both single sessions as well as programs. If you can’t make a scheduled session without cancellation you’ll be paying for this session.

Feedback Hours
Between our sessions you’ll probably need to send me various materials. In order for me to serve you from a place of cutting edge thinking and high performance I need to receive your materials no later than 48 hrs prior to our scheduled session.


Your results are my primary focus. This means I reserve special time to serve you from my highest place. It also means I have a limited capacity for the no of clients I can work with at a time. For this reason I do not offer refunds of already purchased services. If you want to make sure we’re a match I suggest you book a single session.

All cards are valid for 12 months from purchase date. After 12 months they are no longer valid. If you’re not 100% sure you’re committed to achieving your career goals this year, I suggest you book a single session and explore if the vibe is right for you.

Tag så meget action at du må sige nej til jobs.

Om 30 sek. ved du hvordan du på en let og legende måde skaber de resultater du brænder for og lander det job du elsker. Du får:

- udførligt overblik over de steps du skal inkludere
- hvordan du integrerer jobsøgning i din hverdag
- struktur og fede vibes til at gøre processen sjov

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Erfarings & Behovsmatricen

Om 30 sek. får du et redskab, som på en let og legende måde giver dig overblik over hvilke erfaringer du skal fokusere på at få her og nu.

Brug matricen til at skabe et godt overblik over, hvilke steps du skal tage for at nå i mål.


XO Janett

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